Spray Tan Pre/After Care

Before your spray tan

Exfoliate thoroughly at least 24 hours before your tan, paying special attention to elbows, knees, heels and hands.

Make sure you shave at least 24 hours before your tan 48 hours for waxing.

 Do make sure you moisturise and drink plenty of water before your tan.

Remove all moisturiser, Deodorant and make up before your tan.

Make sure you have dark, loose clothing for after your tan.


After your spray tan

Wear loose, dark clohing for the rest of the day/night of your tan remembering your feet! flip flops are best.

Do not shower for at least 10 hours after your tan (even better wait till the next morning)

Avoid using Dove or Imperial Leather soaps as they are known to strip tan!

Do not exercise or sweat excesively after your spray tan. It could effect your tan.

Showers instead of long hot baths will help prolong your tan.

Moisturise regularly using an oil free moisturiser. This will help to prolong your tan.

After showering pat dry with a towel. Never rub.

Begin to exfoliate lightly 2-3 days after your tan concentrating on rough areas like knees, heels and elbows.

Do have a long hot soak in the bath with oils if need be to soak off the rest of your tan 7-8n days later using an exfoliator ready for your next tan.

Do have regular Sienna X top ups to build and extend your tan for a continuous colour giving you a year round tan without the problems of premature ageing and skin cancer.


 Lash Extension Pre/Aftercare

Before your lash extension appointment

Please make sure you have removed all eye makeup and oils to with squeeky clean lashes to give you maximum lash time and the best lash bond.

After your lash extension appointment 

Avoid oily products as they can be known to break down adhesion of the glue.

Do not put mascara on your lovely new lashes. you wont need to and this can create the clumpy spider leg look we are trying to avoid. it can also break down the glue and your lashes will not last as long.

Do not rub or pull on the lashes as this can break the glue bond or cause damage to your natural lash.

Clean and brush your lashes daily. We can supply you with our own formulated lash cleanser at your appointment for 7.00

 To cleanse your lashes we advise placing the foaming cleanser on your fingers and starting at  your lash line run your fingers gently down the lash. this can also be done with a lash brush. Then rinse your lashes in clean water and dry the skin around your lashes. You can either allow the lashes to dry naturally or use a hair drier at a low speed cold temperature. Then fluff out the lashes using your dry clean lash brush supplied at your appointment. Keep those lashes squeeky clean to make sure they last.

Top Tip! Book your infill appointment for 2- 3 weeks time at the time of your lash appointment to keep your lashes gorgeous every day.

There must be 50% lashes left at time of any infill appointment. More than 50% will result in a full set charge.